Feeling 22

Today, I turn 22 years old!

Man, how time has time flown by. I feel so old, yet still young and eager for more! I’m excited and grateful for another year of this crazy unpredictable life.

Here are 22 things I’ve learned in my 22 years on Earth! 🙂

1.Kindness goes a long way!

2. Self love is the best kind of love.

3. The past belongs in the past.

4. Getting out of your comfort zone can lead to new opportunities.

5. Be grateful for today!

6. Stand up for what I believe in no matter what.

7. Change is good.

8. Always look for signs when parallel parking.

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

10. Family is forever!

11. Hard work pays off.

12. It’s okay to ask for help.

13. It’s better to be 15 mins early than 15 minutes late.

14. Patience is key!

15. You’re in control!

16. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

17. Be confident in my own skin.

18. Don’t waste time on people who aren’t willing to waste time on you.

19. It’s okay to fail as long as you learn from it.

20. Assume nothing!

21. Alcohol is expensive.

22. Life is too short not to enjoy it !

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