It’s Our Birthright

downloadBirthright is an 18 year old international organization that sends thousands of young, Jewish, adults in the age group 18-26 to Israel. This free trip is a way for people to strengthen their Jewish identity, have more of an understanding of the Jewish State, and build friendships with the people and land of Israel. Funding partners include the government of Israel, the Birthright Israel Foundation, and Jewish communities worldwide. Birthright Israel trips are  hosted by several, very different, trip organizers. Each showing a different approach and perspective of Israel. Whether you’re looking for a religious, business, outdoor, or environmental experience, there’s a lot for you to choose from. 

The Birthright trips are a total of 10 days. Each day filled with fun and knowledge about Israel. Most trip organizations have their own planned schedule, but a few trips have activities in common. If you wish to extend your stay, you can do so by signing up for one of birthrights plus programs or holding your return flight so you can travel to other countries. 

Michael Lyons from Long Beach, California heard about birthright through friends and family when his cousin went on a trip a few years prior. He signed up with Yael Adventures for the Winter 2018 Hi Gear Program because, “I wanted some good, physically challenging backpacking and hiking around the old land, and we hiked almost every day” said Michael. Three things that Lyons learned from his birthright trip were, 1. You can create 50 life long friends in the span of 10 days. 2. Hummus is amazing and goes on everything, but only in Israel. 3. Hiking is an amazing way to experience a country and it may now be his preferred way. 

Sabrina Izcovich from Argentina decide to do the social media trip organization this Winter 2018. Although she doesn’t consider herself very religious, she was excited to learn about Israel and more about the Jewish culture. Sabrina chose to extend her trip by joining the Birthright Plus: Foods of Israel Tour. “ I really wanted to do the foodies tour because I love eating and cooking. And I wanted to see the country from another perspective” said Izcovich. The one thing Sabrina wish she knew before going on her trip was basic Hebrew words. This would of better helped her going through local markets and asking questions to people within the community. 

Birthright offers young Jews an opportunity of a lifetime to make connections, grow religiously, and culturally. I highly recommend if you’re one of the people who fall under any aspect of the Jewish faith that you consider the trip. Whether your looking to learn, grow, or just make friends while traveling, it is an opportunity like no other and it will change your life.

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