San Francisco

Last minute trips are the best kinds of trips! Although my friends and I discussed making a trip up to San Francisco for all of the Fall semester, there was no actual action being made on the idea until a week before heading out. I am usually the type of person who has to plan everything out to a T before I make any moves, so this made me nervous. Transportation had to be planned; where we were staying had to be booked. Never having planned a trip on my own before, I decided to do some research on where would be the best place to stay and an ideal form of transportation. From Los Angeles to San Francisco, it’s a 6 hour drive or about a 2 hour flight. Booking a flight a week before a trip is never a good idea. Prices were way too high for a couple of broke college students, so a decision had to have been made between bus, train, or renting a car. Out of the 3 choices, renting a car was the best for our buck. Plus – who doesn’t love a good road trip filled with great music and getting to see more of the sites. Our bags were backed, the hotel was booked, and the car was out front. Although we stayed only a total of 3 short days, every minute was memorizing. 


Day 1: 

December 17th, 2017: We woke up at the crack of dawn and started driving North. We arrived mid-day and visited The University of San Francisco. The campus was big and beautiful, and taking a peek at their newspaper was a treat. After this we were able to check into the hotel and hit the town. The city was alive and decorated with twinkling Christmas decorations. 


Day 2: 

We started our day by visiting the bridge that represents the city itself, The Golden Gate Bridge. Driving through the bridge, I was in awe remembering all the movies I had seen previously showing the bridge and how glorious it was to see in person. We stopped to take pictures and walk along the bridge. As I looked off the side of the bridge into the water, I imagined the many people who had lost their lives to suicide here. I wondered if the city was doing anything to regulate these tragedies. I saw a stainless steel netting that was built a couple feet from the bridge and many police officers driving back and forth on each side. This settled my anxiety on the topic. Next, we stopped at a park close by which had a perfect view of the bridge. Later that evening, we visited the Palace of the Arts and Chinatown. The palace was a ginormous dome which had the architecture of a Roman structure. Chinatown was a pocket of the city that brought the smells, taste, and atmosphere of China. As we walked through the local park we saw a group of women doing a traditional dance and the men gambling during a dice game. 

Day 3: 

On our last day we checked out and made one last stroll through the city. We visited a popular tourist spot called the Painted Ladies. This is a row of San Francisco style houses of all different colors. Lastly, before making the long venture home, we grabbed food to go and had a picnic in Mission Dolores Park.

This was the perfect first trip outside of LA. During my visit to San Francisco, I got to experience a different, more green look, at the state of California. I was able to understand what it’s like to drive on super steep roads, as well as how structures can be built under these conditions. I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to get back on the road…

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